The most breathtaking race of season coming to KARPACZ - Prestigio EEDC ROUND 5 - Driftmasters GP Rd3

No matter what, Karpacz drift event was new experience for drivers, completely different event for audience and something special to remember for everyone.

Although race was canceled,
we have guys, who took the podium.
Congratulations to them!

Piotr Wiecek - 1st
Bartosz Stolarski - 2nd
Marcin Mospinek - 3rd


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It has become a good tradition to run Prestigio EEDC Round four at Trackwood Festival in Hungary. This festival is very popular and gathered more than 3,000 spectators. Sunny summer weather, cozy A.M.G. Rabocsiring and top EEDC drivers – the perfect components for a great event. Read more