Welcome to the registration page on Parimatch EEDC 2019 – #EEDC2019

October 4th – practice and qualification
October 5th – TOP24DE tandems

Registration fee in advance: 100.- EUR / driver (includes driver + 3 tickets, tire change, insurance)

Regulations: eedc2019-regulations-en

Raubichi Location:

Country: Belarus
GPS data: 54.0633, 27.7363 Link Google Map:


Official hotel: Raubichi

If you have any issues with registration please email us at or message to +375 29 6445225

Please fill in the form below to get registered on #EEDC2019

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4 октября– тренировки, квалификация
5 октября – заезды ТОП24ДЕ

Стартовый взнос с участника при предварительной регистрации: 100.- EUR (включает допуск пилота и трех членов команды, шиномонтаж, страховку).

Регламент и технические требования к автомобилям участников:

Место проведения соревнований::

РЦОП Раубичи
GPS data: 54.0633, 27.7363 Link Google Map:


Официальная гостиница соревнований: Раубичи


В случае каких-то вопросов пишите нам или звоните +375 29 6339116

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Additional info

I hereby confirm that my participation in the competition will be at my own risk, and that I will not consider the BAF, the Organizer, their employees or volunteers, as well as officials responsible for possible accidents.
I undertake to comply with the competition regulations, all instructions and decisions of the judges. I bear full civil and legal liability for damage caused by me or the used car in accordance with applicable law.
I guarantee that all information given in this application form is correct.

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